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30 Great North Carolina

Science Adventures

From Underground Wonderlands to Islands
in the Sky and Everything in Between
The Author

April C. Smith, PhD  is a former environmental researcher who has spent countless hours up to her waist in pluff mud. When she and her family had the opportunity to travel globally for two years, living in seventeen different countries, she learned that teaching science to her own kids is the best job in the world. Together they have cruised with basking sharks in the North Sea, hiked to see fairy penguins in Tasmania, explored the geology of the southern coast of England, floated through cypress swamps in the American Southeast, and climbed mountainous colored sand dunes in the Southwest.

April and her husband, Steve, live in the Research Triangle with their three children and an overly aggressive angelfish. They all enjoy taking off at every single opportunity to find new adventures together. The fish usually stays home. Some of their favorite explorations in the entire world have occurred between Banner Elk and the Outer Banks, right here in the phenomenally beautiful state of North Carolina.

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What NC Residents Are Saying

This book has been the springboard to adventure that our family has been waiting for. 30 Great North Carolina Science Adventures is a user-friendly guide that encourages us to explore, first-hand, the science that shapes North Carolina.  As weekend road-trippers or armchair travelers, adults will delve into the fascinating world of NC natural science – checking off trip after trip as they go.


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structure and function, and the consequences of their destruction.

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